Essential Oils & Why We Love Them

Essential Oils & Why We Love Them


Essential Oils have been a “thing” now for the past few years, but in reality, they’ve been used in cultures all over the world for over a thousand years.

Plant remedies, i.e. essential oils, can actively help our bodies heal themselves, naturally.

Aside from supporting our physical and emotional health, oils can also be used for cleaning, cooking, skin care and even as air freshener. Most are extracted through steam-distillation, while a couple are extracted through cold pressing. On the flip side, lower grade oils can be extracted through chemical processes which is something you’ll want to watch out for as they won’t be as beneficial in use.

How They Work

Think of your body like a plant. In the same way that the oils provide the plant they’re derived from protection against predators, we can utilize their benefits to do the same. Because they are smaller than small on a molecular level (stick with me here…that’s the last of the wordy words), they’re absorbed directly into the bloodstream and fully transferrable to the body. Aka, we reap all the benefits.


Types Of Oils

ROOTS: Centering & Calming

Oils: Spikenard, Vetiver

Properties: Calming, Grounding, Sedative, Restorative 

WOOD: Grounding & Renewing

Oils: Birch, Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry, Manuka, Sandalwood

Properties:Regenerative, Relaxant, Grounding, Steroidal, Analgesic, Astringent

RESINS: Restoring & Strengthening

Oils:Frankincense, Myrrh

Properties:, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Restorative, Antidepressant, Immunostimulant

LEAVES: Invigorating & Soothing

Oils: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wintergreen

Properties: Antiseptic, Invigorating, Anti-inflammatory, Insecticide, Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial


There are three different categories in which we are able to use Essential Oils: AROMATIC, TOPICAL, and INTERNAL.


The easiest use of oils is by aromatherapy, or by inhaling their aromas. Simply by smelling them directly or diffusing them in a room, they can target specific needs.


Because they are fat-soluble, essential oils are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which allows them to do their thing much quicker. Whether applied solo or with a carrier, like coconut oil or lotion, massaging oil onto the skin can help with music pain, body aches and even injured tissue. Carrier oils will help protect the skin if your applying oils to children, the elderly or those with sensitive skin.


We already consume essential oils when we eat plant-based foods. Yay for that! But when you want to use them without the plate of leafy greens, you can add a few drops to food or water, in a veggie capsule, or simply by placing a few drops under the tongue.

Our Favorites


Calming, Regenerative, Antidepressant, Anti-inflammatory

Best For: Relaxing

Try 21 Drops Headache Roller


Refreshing, Invigorating, Antibacterial, Energizing, Anti-inflammatory

Best For: Energizing

Try 21 Drops Headache Diffusing Oil


Restorative, Disinfectant, Diuretic, Neuroprotective

Best For: Clarity

Try 21 Drops Focus Diffusing Oil


Antibacterial, Stimulant, Detoxifier, Calming, Antibacterial

Best For: Focus

Try 21 Drops Focus Roller


Calming, Astringent, Stomachic, Antifungal

Best For: Soothing

Try 21 Drops Detox Roller


Purifier, Immunostimulant, Stimulant, Antiviral

Best For: Fighting Contaminants

Try 21 Drops Breathe Roller


Restorative, Regenerative, Calming, Sedative

Best For: Sleep

Try 21 Drops Sleep Diffusing Oil

Yay Oils!

Whether you’re a seasoned oil professional or have just been introduced to their benefits, they are a great little friend to keep around for all the reasons above and oh-so-many more. Pack a roller in your bag or put a diffuser in every room. Either way, you’ll be happy you did.


The information above is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. Please consult your physician for any questions about oils and your health or before substituting oils for any medical treatment. This blog’s purpose is to simply share some helpful tips.


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