Happy Valentine's Day To You!

Happy Valentine's Day To You!

It’s the day of Love and whether you’re in a wonderful relationship or an amazing single-ship, we’ve got the perfect way for you to set the mood.


There’s nothing quite more romantic or relaxing than a warm bath with your honey or yourself. As much as this holiday is about celebrating the ones we love, let’s not forget the most important love of them all – SELF LOVE, baby!

So grab your partner or a good book and your favorite glass of wine, toss in a Naked bath bomb and enjoy all the romance, a la bath time.

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Need we say more? Body oil may just be the sexiest self-care product there is. From the bedroom to a day of personal pampering, you can use oils in just about every way imaginable. Request a massage from your Valentine or lather up post-bath for some perfect rejuvenation.

Featured product: Soprano Labs Rose Geranium Vegan Body Oil


Or my candle. We’re pretty sure it goes without saying that there’s no better way to set the mood than to turn out the lights and light a candle. There’s just something about the flickering candlelight that begs for a Rom-Com moment. Cuddle up in the dim light with your favorite snuggle buddy or have yourself some much deserved me time. Add some chocolate and you’ve got yourself a perfect Valentine’s.

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No roses? No problem. Satisfy the senses and the Valentine’s Day bug with the scent of a bed of fresh roses. Use your favorite wax melts and fill the room with the perfect, romance-brewing aroma.

Featured product: Apothecary Rose Sandalwood Wax Melt

V Day doesn’t have to just be about celebrating a relationship. Take in today as a reminder to share love with each person in your life that you hold close to your heart.

Give some kisses and hugs and then give yourself the same!

In the words of Justin Bieber: you should go and love yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day

The PT Team

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