Holiday Travel Essentials

Holiday Travel Essentials
Top Ten Holiday Travel Essentials:
Traveling for the holidays can pile on the stress in a different way than any other time of year. From traffic to busy airports to a room filled with every family member spanning generations, things can get a bit chaotic.
But this year, have no fear. Pacific Thyme wants to help you combat stress levels with our Top Ten Holiday Travel Essentials Guide. Whether you’re hosting, staying in the neighborhood or traveling across the country, we’ve got you covered with all that you’ll need to relax and find a little ‘you’ time amidst the festivities.
Whether you’re taking planes, trains or automobiles, or staying home for the holidays, self-care is essential to keep you happy and healthy all the way through to the New Year.
  1. Crystal Water Bottle: One of the best airport secrets is to bring along your reusable water bottle, empty of course. Once you’re through security, you can fill it up and take it with you for the flight. Not only is it better for the environment and your body than the plastic bottles offered in the airport stores, it’ll save you a pretty penny, too.
  2. Essential Oil Towelettes: Keep the germs away and give your surroundings a good wipe-down. Not only will the towelettes be refreshing, but they will combat any germs on your bag handles or on your seat for the flight and you can even use them after braving the airplane bathroom as a little extra sanitation for your hands.
  3. Planner: It’s no secret that between holiday parties, family gatherings, school programs and festivities for the kiddos, scheduling can get a bit scattered. Avoid the extra stress and keep track of all the fun and travel plans by keeping your planner handy, both at home and while traveling. 
  4. Pencil Pouch: This can help you with more than just holding pencils. Keep important documents like boarding passes, ID’s and passports on hand and easily accessible to ease your way through the security line. Keep it in your purse or backpack so you can grab it quickly without rummaging through every bag you’ve got with you.
  5. Hoodie & Beanie: Temperatures on planes can vary and change quickly. Have a light hoodie to throw on in case you get chilly. It’ll roll up and fit into any purse easily and you’ll avoid shivering the entire flight to grandma’s house. Have a beanie on hand, too, if you’re going to a colder climate and will need to add some layers before leaving the airport.
These are all great for car rides, too!
You’ve arrived at your destination and have finally managed to get everyone settled. Now it’s time for you to settle in. These essentials are little slices of home that will fit easily into any carry-on and help you relax no matter what your accommodations may be for your holiday vacation.
  1. Restorative & Replenishing Beauty Elixirs & Jade Rollers: Travel can be brutal on the skin. From muggy airplane air to climate changes from location to location, keep your skin feeling fresh with the beauty elixirs. The best part is they are travel size so you don’t have to worry about checking a bag. Keep these magic little helpers in your purse and use them when you need a little pick-me-up. You can also use your jade roller after your skincare routine to keep your skin glowing while away from home.
  2. Bath Salts & Bath Bombs, Clay Masks & Dry Brushing: After a day full of gift exchanges and holiday parties, take thirty minutes to yourself and create your own spa. Use your dry brush to keep that circulation and energy flowing. Bring along a bath bomb (carry-on approved) or your favorite bath salts, apply a facemask and relax with a nice bath before bed to unwind from the chaos. 
  3. Atmosphere Mist & Travel Candle: Sometimes it’s the little things that can help us relax and de-stress. Make your hotel or guest room feel like home with a light atmosphere mist or candle. Both are carry-on approved so you can bring them along with ease.
  4. Tea: Having your favorite treats on hand can be the perfect way to take a breath and unwind while away from home. Bring along your favorite tea to enjoy on the flight, in the car or as a nice treat to end the day, curled up with your favorite book.
  5. Gifts: Sometimes traveling can make gift giving a bit difficult. Before you check five boxes of oversized gifts at the airport, take along a few smaller gifts instead. Any of the items mentioned above are great to give as gifts. You can even throw in a Garden-In-A-Bag for the chefs in the family or a gift card for the picky shoppers. Keep it simple and shop for gift-wrap once you arrive.
If you’re hosting this year, help your guests feel relaxed and at home by putting together a small basket of any of these essentials to leave as a welcome gift in their room.
Head over to our Instagram and let us know where you’re traveling for the holidays and your favorite go-to essentials while out of town. We hope you all have a relaxing and happy holiday season!

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