What makes your bath bombs so special?

We created each variety of our nourishing bath bombs to accommodate targeted wellness needs. Our essential oil blends were mindfully crafted to enhance the benefits and offer targeted results. While all of our Bath Bombs smell amazing and look beautiful, you will find that each one serves a specific purpose for you, your body and your wellness needs. More information on each bath bomb, it's essential oil blend, and intended purpose can be found on the products respective page!

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect describes the synergistic relationship between compounds found in the cannabis plant that enhances their effectiveness when combined. However, the Entourage Effect can apply to more than just elements within the cannabis plants. Cannabinoids, when combined with other natural plant essences and foods, also utilize the power of the Entourage Effect. For example, when the essential oils in our products combine with the hemp CBD the potency and effectiveness of both elements are increased. 

Are your bath bombs safe for pregnant women?

It is important to consult with your physician for an answer to this question! While our bath bombs contain food-safe and natural ingredients, we do not recommend using them while pregnant without first sharing the ingredients of our Bath Bombs with your doctor.

I am currently under going medical treatment, can I use your CBD bath bombs?

If you are undergoing any kind of medical treatments, recovering from surgery, have sensitive skin, allergies or other medical conditions, please consult with your physician to determine whether or not our products are a good fit. While we stand behind the safety and quality of our products, we do not recommend trying a product while experiencing any medical issue without first consulting with your doctor. Your safety and health are our ultimate priority!
Do your bath bombs expire?
Since our CBD Bath Bombs are made with food-safe ingredients and NO additives or preservatives, they are best when used as fresh as possible. The potency of the ingredients may degrade over time. The Bath Bombs have a shelf life of about 12 Months, but we recommend using them as soon as possible to achieve the optimal effects. 
Are your products vegan?
All Pacific Thyme Products and ingredients are proudly vegan. 
Where can I find lab tests?
As a company, Pacific Thyme CBD values complete transparency and provide lab tests for all our available products. You can find our lab tests here. 
Where is your hemp grown?
We source our hemp from Oregon, where the soil is rich with nutrients, and the climate allows a full growing season. We strive to source our hemp from sustainable farms with Organic and pesticide free practices.
Is Pacific Thyme CBD pesticide free?
We partner with farms that do not use any genetically modified nutrients or pesticides on the plants. Every batch of Hemp is 3rd party lab tested to ensure it is pesticide free.