Rose + Sandalwood Complexion Water
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Rose + Sandalwood Complexion Water

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is a constructively indulgent and seductively aromatic marriage of orange blossom and rose petal waters with sustainably harvested sandalwood oil.

+hydrate, tone, and balance with a simple spritz; especially recommended for dehydrated and maturing skin types

+discretely rehydrate skin exposed to air conditioning or dehydrating airplane cabin

+delicately fragrance hair and body

+soothe chapped, sensitive, or scarred skin.

added aromatherapeutic benefits:
+ enhancing sense of beauty
+ emotional upliftment
+ anxiety-soothing
+ easing emotional adjustments accompanying age transition
+ inspires loving feelings both emotionally and physically; for self and others


Mist over cleansed skin. May be used head-to-toe for exceptional face, hair, and full body hydration and aromatherapeutic benefits; enhancing beauty and sensuality without and within.


+made from steam-distilled flower petals of orange trees, neroli oil adds a seductive aroma and has regenerative, rejuvenating qualities; perfect for sensitive or mature skin.

+rose oil is extracted from the damascus species; the most fragrant rose with the highest oil content. A traditional aphrodisiac, rose oil is also astringent and antioxidant.

+used in ancient ceremonies for its harmonizing effect and exotic scent, sandalwood tones, calms, and hydrates parched skin.

Water (aqua), essential oils of: Santalum spicatum (sandalwood), Citrus aurantium (neroli), Rosa damascena (rose).

1 oz